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Our Vision and Plan...

Cognitive Development: 

Create students that are curious, have a desire to explore, and aren't afraid to tackle a problem. We focus on STEAM areas of learning in all lessons.

Emotional Development: 

Students must feel loved and trust their caregivers - the norm at Clemson Creative Academy. Students will be able to express their emotions in words and be able to control their emotions. 

Language Development: 

Emphasis on reading, writing, singing, dancing, interacting, listening, mimicking, vocabulary expansion in both English and Spanish

Motor Skill Development: 

Large (Gross): Develop stamina, strength, positive body image, and general healthy lifestyles.

Small (Fine): Activities that are setting up student's hands and fingers to be strong instruments for writing. 

Creative Development: 

We believe that arts, music, creative movement, and role playing are integral parts of a well-rounded individual.

Heart & Hands

Social Development: 

Working towards seeing a group of students playing together cooperatively. 

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